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Stinky’s family is at their rambling cottage by the shore. It looks stunning from a distance, but shows its age close up. They look happy and contented from afar sipping cocktails on the large porch, but between sips they’re digging up ancient quarrels. Now that the Fourth has passed, they only hear a bottle rocket every ten minutes or so, and with luck, the whir of a blender cranking out frozen margaritas drownd out the sound.

The place is unheated, so the season extends from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Stinky’s mother or one of her siblings is responsible for closing the place in the fall and opening it in the spring. If you do a lousy job closing the place– securing the openings, shutting off the water, and covering the furniture–the opening ceremonies are more difficult. Careful planning avoids burst pipes and rodent evictions, but folks aren’t always as careful as they think. Family members often drive by in the winter to be sure the place hasn’t collapsed in a winter storm, but crafty Stinky always stays away in May, so he doesn’t know what to expect when the festive weekend arrives. The only thing he knows for sure is that he and Eddie will get the smallest, worst bedroom, the one with a corner missing because of the quaint roof line. The nicer bedrooms go to the better loved family members.

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Stinky Carter didn’t ask to be the best looking man on the planet. He accepted that burden and deals with an ever expanding cast of high-maintenance clients, offbeat neighbors and demanding relatives. The “Stories” page has a brief synopsis of every story and a quick peek is enough to tell you that even though Stinky doesn’t look for trouble, it finds him. The page for each volume lists the published stories in the volume with links to their Amazon pages. International readers, please note that the iAuthor link will take you directly to the Amazon store for your country.

Each of the stories is a self-contained comic adventure. They aren’t chapters in a serialized novel or shards of a sprawling epic. The stories don’t have to be read in any particular order, but a peek at this website will help you when you’re confused or want to place the story in its chronological context. Everyone who has ever known Stinky has been confused, so come back often. Click on the calendar below for free download information and a peek at the lovely covers.

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