Literary characters have finally learned what comic book characters have known for decades:  there’s no reason to be confined to your own story.  Do you really think that Captain Ahab’s crew obsessively hunts for a white whale when no body is looking?  If you have one of those Frankie and Annette beach movies stored on the same device as Moby Dick look for Ishmael and the boys soaking up rays in the background.  Electronic proximity means they can drop in on each other whenever they want.

Whether the other character wants company is another story.  In the newly penned “It’s Thrilling to be Stinky in Tilling,” Georgie Pillson, hero of the classic Lucia novels, shimmers to our boys’ condo to ask a favor.  The strong-willed women on the Tilling War Memorial Committee are deadlocked and they would like to get America’s views with the idea of boosting tourism to their quaint town on the English Channel.

Eddie agrees that Stinky is the “primo diva wrangler,” but that’s not enough.  Robin has joined the Village People, Batman doesn’t know what to do with the high-maintenance Boy Wonder and it looks like Robin will be staying at the Y.M.C.A. until Georgie uses his deft, daintily gloved hand.

“It’s Thrilling to be Stinky in Tilling” is a bonus story, included in The Importance of Being Stinky, Vol. 8.