"Stinky and the Arse Poetica" cover art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

Poetry can be stinky.

There is a cover for “Stinky and the Arse Poetica” and Amazon has it, but they can’f figure out why it doesn’t appear on the product page.  They will resolve it at some point, hopefully before the story moves from pre-order to live.

Horace famously wrote “Ars Poetica,” but Stinky’s sister’s poet boyfriend isn’t as talented.  Stinky thinks the guy is more sponge than soul mate, but if he says anything to Angie, he knows she’ll be angry with him.  It’s Stinky at his craftiest as he leads her to the fountain of knowledge without letting her see his hand on the pump.

There’s nothing like a good hexameter, don’t you agree?