“Stinky’s Cash Floes” is available on Amazon.  A summer client drought turns Stinky’s cash flow into a trickle.  Eddie and his mother invest their life savings in Carter Associates, but Eddie puts Stinky through marketing boot camp.  Eddie’s plan is to put Stinky on the lecture circuit to drum up business.  Eddie soon learns that Stinky is the world’s worst public speaker, but that doesn’t slow him down.  With Stinky at the podium, even a tax lecture is hilarious.

Special bonus:  “Stinky’s Best Worst Birthday” is a short, short story that tells of Eddie’s attempt to make a birthday dinner for Stinky.  Eddie approaches the oven with the same confidence Lucy felt facing a vat of grapes and with even less success.

Two happy endings for the price of one.  Try finding that in your daily newspaper.  In fact, try finding a daily newspaper for $0.99

Stinky's wondering what to do when his firm's cash flow turns into a trickle.

Stinky’s Cash Floes Cover