Thank you, merci, gracias, grazi and obrigado to our visitors from five continents!

We’ve had visitors from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia and Ecuador in South America; Morocco, Angola, Ghana and Nigeria in Africa; France, Italy, Denmark, Greece, Poland and Georgia in Europe and Korea, Singapore and Japan in Asia,  Mexico and USA in North America plus Australia — six continents!

Stinky Stories also trotted around the globe with downloads in Canada, Brazil, UK, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Japan and  India — four continents in two months — and over one thousand downloads in the first three months.  That’s a lot of Stinky!

There are over fifty stories in the pipeline, so please come back soon to see what new trouble has found the boys.  Unless you’re would-be hackers.  If so, please leave us alone.  The boys have enough problems.