It’s a challenge staying on top of Stinky’s weekly adventures, and its been months since a new one’s been added to the backlog.

Halloween inspired a zany tale of four brothers in search of sex.  The Sons of Horus guard the pharaoh’s organs in a tomb and don’t get out much.  The only way to get them to shut up is to ask them, “What’s new.”

Now that books are stored on electronic devices characters can “shimmer” from story to story and the Sons of Horus descend on Stinky and Eddie.  Halloween is the only night of the year that any of them has a chance at scoring — only one has a human head, and he wears a wig that looked dated in 2375 B.C.E.  They talk the boys into taking them to a Halloween party, hoping to score.

There are no tricks or treats for the musty deities until clever Stinky figures out some divine intervention.