Stinky scratching his head by Waylon Bacon.

What’s on Stinky’s mind?


Stinky has a lot on his mind these days.  “Stinky and the Allegorical Breasts” is  live.  He was rather “Stinkier” in the days of that adventure and he’s a little embarrassed at the way he acted, but hopes his readers will bear with him and see how nicely he matured as they get to know him better.  (Author’s note:  Hah!)

“Stinky and the Cold Toilet Confession” will follow in a week or so.

In the present day, Stinky and Eddie have been invited to join an elite club of legendary pals, the Buddies Always Near and Never Apart Society (B.A.N.A.N.A.S.).  They are shocked to learn that about a year after Frodo and Sam tossed the ring into the alleged “Crack of Doom” it came back to Frodo postage due.  After all that trouble, it was the wrong Crack of Doom.  Tolkien didn’t have the heart to mention this knowing how heavily the burden weighs on Frodo.  Sam gives our boys the updated Crack of Doom info and sends them  on their most disgusting adventure:  rid the world of this evil piece of jewelry.  No wonder they prefer cufflinks.