The Essence of Stinky or Stinky Stories Summarized

 Stinky Stories are listed in the order that Stinky and Eddie experience them.  They are youngest at the beginning of the first story and oldest in the last.  When stories overlap in time (some take place over a period of months and some a day or so), the start of the story determines the order.

All Stinky Stories are finally available as a single title or in one of the eight collections. Links to the Amazon page for each story are on the various “Volume” pages. All stories in a volume have the same cover art.

Each volume also has a cumulative chronology of the stories at the end.

“Stinky’s Blind Date”

Stinky’s parents arrange a dinner for friends whose son is thinking of law school.  Is Stinky being set up for a blind date?

Bonus story included in Still Stinky After All These Years, Volume 3.

“Stinky and Stank”

Young lawyer Stan Koval gets tagged as “Stank” by the firm’s frat boys.  Why does he feel so invisible next to Stinky?

Bonus story included in Still Stinky After All These Years, Volume 3.

Foaming champagne bottle

A bubbly art exhibit

“A Stinky Escapade”

When willing waiters continually refill Stinky’s champagne glass at an exhibition opening, a hasty coalition forms to seduce our tipsy hero.

Bonus story included in Still Stinky After All These Years, Volume 3



The best looking man on the planet tackles a big, fat slob.

Cover art, “The Stinky Fustilarian”

“The Stinky Fustilarian” Available on Amazon Kindle

Stinky tries to help a hopeless bureaucracy solve its backlog and finds an undersupply of common sense.

Like his image in a mirror, the answer is right in front of him, if he would only notice it. (Volume 5)



Cover art, "Eddie's Childhood Sweetheart."

Eddie has a past.

“Eddie’s Childhood Sweetheart” Available on Amazon Kindle.

Eddie’s childhood neighbor returns to town as a teen idol.  Now that they’re both past puberty, does she have her eyes on Eddie? (Volume 5)


“Stinky’s Stolen Heart”

Sparks fly when a handsome cop investigates a burglary in Stinky’s apartment.  All Stinky has to do is convince the big guy that cufflinks really can be expensive.

Included as a bonus in The Best Looking Man on the Planet:  A Fragrant Bouquet of Stinky Stories, Volume 1.

Stinky and the Allegorical Breasts cover art by Waylon Bacon, design by vikncharlie

Allegorical Cover Art

“Stinky and the Allegorical Breasts”  Available on Amazon Kindle

Eddie wants to make a good impression on Stinky’s parents.  He succeeds so well Stinky’s mother asks him to help Stinky uncover a nude painting of Stinky’s sister. (Volume 1)

Stinky and the Cold Toilet Confession cover artwork by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

Cover artwork

“Stinky and the Cold Toilet Confession” Available on Amazon Kindle

Before the paint is dry in Stinky and Eddie’s new condo, Eddie volunteers to be Santa for all two hundred residents.  When the donated toys are stolen, it’s a challenge to make a heartless man find it in his heart to confess. (Volume 1)

Cover art, "Stinky's Snail Male Delivers"

Cover art

“Stinky’s Snail Male Delivers” Available on Amazon Kindle

Stinky’s grandparents pay him a surprise visit at his new condo.  Who was the tall blond man wearing only underwear that answered the door? (Volume 2)

The Stinky Prize cover art by Waylon Bacon, design by vikncharlie

Prize Cover Art

“The Stinky Prize” Available on Amazon Kindle

Stinky learns that the art project his sister did in prep school is as legendary as the Loch Ness monster that lives in the quarry.   Before Stinky can announce the winner of the essay contest he must deal with difficult parents and a nasty secret. (Volume 1)

Photo of the alleged Loch Ness Monster.

Traditionally they sacrifice a virgin senior to the monster. Luckily they’ve never had one graduate.

“Stinky’s Best Worst Birthday”

How can an intelligent man read a recipe and still deliver an inedible, but lovingly prepared meal?  Stinky’s birthday doesn’t take the cake because there isn’t one.  If your Kindle has the new “Spell and Smell” feature, be sure to have a Glade PlugIn handy when the meal comes out of the kitchen.  Whew!

Included as a bonus with “Stinky’s Cash Floes.”

"It's Stinky at the Beach" cover art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

Beach Cover Art

“It’s Stinky at the Beach” Available on Amazon Kindle

Eddie is hesitant about spending the weekend at Stinky’s family shore cottage.  How many Stinky relatives can one take at a time? (Volume 1)

“Stinky’s Seaside Situation”

When Eddie and Stinky return to the cottage a week later the encounter one of Stinky’s college buddies.  He’s goes toxic and disrupts Stinky’s peaceful summer community.

Bonus story included in Still Stinky After All These Years, Volume 3

Cover art, "Stinky and the WMD Bombshell" by Wayon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

“The only one who understands her.”

“Stinky and the WMD Bombshell” Available on Amazon Kindle .

Angie’s gorgeous college pal sets her sights on a rich neighbor’s son.  Dad is opposed until the gold digger shows him she knows how to mine nuggets. (Volume 5)

Stinky's wondering what to do when his firm's cash flow turns into a trickle.

Stinky’s Cash Floes Cover

“Stinky’s Cash Floes” Available on Amazon Kindle

When Carter Associates has some cash flow problems, Eddie puts him on the lecture circuit, not knowing Stinky is the world’s worst public speaker. (Volume 1)

Stinky is overwhelmed by Granny's shocking secret. Oh no, Eddie has a secret too.

“Stinky Secrets” cover art

“Stinky Secrets” Available on Amazon Kindle

It’s a red alert when Stinky’s grandmother returns to US shores with another suspicious beau in tow.  Will Eddie save the Tissot?  Stinky learns a dark family secret he can’t even share with Eddie. (Volume 1)


Stinky wonders how he can get Eddie out from under a crushing burden

Celebrity cover art

“Eddie the Reluctant Celebrity”  Available on Amazon Kindle

Officer Eddie becomes an Internet sensation for his work with hospitalized kids.  Too bad Eddie doesn’t enjoy the limelight. (Volume 1)



“Stinky and the Impresario”

Stinky saves a critically acclaimed, audience challenged director from his outsized ego.

Included as a bonus with “A Stinky Night at the Opera.”

"O Death, Where is thy Stinky" cover art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

Fake deaths are always stinky.

“O Death Where is thy Stinky?” Available on Amazon Kindle 

A classic engraving of a skunk.

Stinky’s first Facebook fan.

Stinky is willing to help a 1950s B-movie star fake her death, if he can only think of a way to pull it off. (Volume 8)




Stinky doesn't know what to make of his English-challenged TV reporter neighbor.

Cover art

“Stinky News at Eleven” Available on Amazon Kindle

A TV reporter moves into the Hudson and drags Eddie into his imaginary conspiracies — or is this one real? (Volume 1)






Cover art for "Stinky and the Journotard" Original art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie.

Something’s rotten in the carriage house.

“Stinky and the Journotard” Available on Amazon Kindle

When Stinky and Eddie’s condo neighbor invites himself to the cottage the family circle turns lopsided. (Volume 8)

"Stinky Night at the Opera" cover art

Cover art

“A Stinky Night at the Opera” Available on Amazon Kindle

When a director reimagines Carmen as a deep cover KGB agent, a high-strung diva breaks bric-a-brac until Stinky brokers a fragile peace. (Volume 2)

“Stinky and the Absent Minded Flibbertigibbet” Available on Amazon Kindle

Stinky and the Absent Minded Flibbertigibbet cover art

Cover art

An absent-minded, visiting organist creates chaos at Stinky’s church. (Volume 3)

"Stinky and the Buried Treasure" cover art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

Something’s hidden.

“Stinky and the Buried Treasure” Available on Amazon Kindle

Stinky’s favorite TV reporter finds a long-hidden box that opens a window into a 19th century tragedy. (Volume 8)

"Stinky and the Arse Poetica" cover art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

Poetry can be stinky.

“Stinky and the Arse Poetica” Available on Amazon Kindle

Stinky thinks his sister’s live-in poet is more of a sponge than a soul mate.  The only sure thing is that he’ll be the bad guy if he voices his suspicions.  Can he lead her to the well of knowledge without letting her see his hand on the pump? (Volume 7)


Fairy tale image of Hansel and Gretel nibbling on the witch's cottage. The witch looks on.

Stinky’s dream is the witch’s nightmare.

“Dreamy Stinky is a Witch’s Nightmare” Available on Amazon Kindle .

Stinky dreams that he and Angie are Hansel and Gretel.  After less than a day with the obnoxious Carter children the witch goes vegan. (Volume 4)

"Dreamy Stinky is a Witch's Nightmare" cover art.

Stinky dreaming on the beach




“Eddie’s Painful Decision” Available on Amazon Kindle

Stinky drops everything and flies to the hospital when Eddie is shot.

Painful cover art

Eddie is shot in the line of duty, but his biggest problem is deciding where to recuperate.  How can a man with Irish guilt disappoint two of his nearest and dearest? (Volume 2)



“Stinky at the Lake”

One of Stinky’s college pals has a dinner party at his lake cottage.  When the meal is disrupted by drunken teens, Eddie takes action.

A bonus story in Clowns, Charlatans and Colorful Characters, Volume 2

“Stinky Underwear”

Sheltered Eddie has never bought his own underwear.  Bewildered at the selection in a large store, he needs even more support than the undies promise to provide.

A bonus story in Clowns, Charlatans and Colorful Characters, Volume 2.

Stinky and the Artrepreneur cover art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

Cover art

“Stinky and the Artrepreneur” Available on Amazon Kindle

One of Stinky’s college buddies enlists our hero to help locate the missing love of his life, an eclectic artist with an entrepreneurial streak and an assortment of nomes de brush . (Volume 2)




Cover art, "Eddie and the Ethnogeneric Undercover Cop."

Stinky ponders a “spring without pansies.”

“Eddie and the Ethnogeneric Undercover Cop” Available on Amazon Kindle

A mysterious band of transvestites is terrorizing city greenhouses.  Eddie is the inside man in an undercover op to avoid a “spring without pansies.” (Volume 4)

Close up of viola tricolor, a yellow and purple pansy.

It’s not spring without me.






Cover art, "Stinky Carter, P.I." Art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie.

Stinky goes noir.

“Stinky Carter, P.I.” Available on Amazon Kindle.

When a tomato with a tight dress and a loose past asks for help, Stinky sees himself as a hard-boiled noir detective and that means trouble for the bad guys. (Volume 6)

Cover art, "Stinky and Eddie's Costume Drama" art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie.

Opening night jitters.

“Stinky and Eddie’s Costume Drama” Available on Amazon Kindle

A celebrated opera diva prepares for her first straight, dramatic role and Stinky looks for some dry powder to light a fire under her. (Volume 5)


A complete set of canopic urns used to guard the pharaoh's organs throughout eternity.

Stinky’s Pals, the Sons of Horus

“Stinky and the League of Lesser Deities” Available on Amazon Kindle

Stinky has the good sense not to shake hands with the Spit God, but will an odd assortment of ancient deities convince him not to speak at a client’s annual meeting? (Volume 7)

"Stinky and the League of Lesser Deities" Cover Art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

Stinky’s out of his league.


“Babies ‘R Stinky” Available on Amazon Kindle

"Babies 'R Stinky" cover art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

Thumbs up for Stinky babies.

Angie finds herself pregnant and panicked.  Will she send the stork to Stinky and Eddie’s condo? (Volume 3)

Trouble ahead

Trouble ahead

“Eddie and Willy Coyote” Available on Amazon Kindle

It’s trouble for Eddie when the Exotic Crime Unit is reconstituted.  A wily prankster crosses the line between vigilante justice and felony and leads are few.  Is it possible that Stinky’s outrageous comment makes sense? (Volume 6)


Close up of pink rose.

Check your breath! You smell this rose, it smells back.

“It’s Stinky When a Rose Gives Itself Hay Fever”

When Stinky’s most trying client blends his own DNA with various plants a rose is no longer just a rose, but also part nose.

Included with “Dreamy Stinky is a Witch’s Nightmare,” available on Amazon Kindle.

“Stinky and the Coq d’Or” Available on Amazon Kindle.

Stinky and the Coq d'Or cover art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

Cover art

Stinky is asked to award a prize for the “most inappropriate” entry at an art fair and fears for his career when he comes across the winner. (Volume 2)

“Leave it to Stinker”

The Carters become a 1950’s TV sitcom family in Stinky’s dream.  Why are they calling Eddie “Edie” and why is he dressed like Calamity Jane?

Included as a bonus story in The Importance of Being Stinky, Volume 8.

"Stinky the Reputation Restorer" cover art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

Your cover gives you a reputation.

“Stinky the Reputation Restorer” Available on Amazon Kindle .

Stinky tangles with an eccentric dealer and tries to make people honor their commitments. Then he tries to make positives from their negative reputations.  The sepia cover suggests he’s in squid ink up to his ears. (Volume 5)



Cover art, "Stinky Stands Up for a Stand Up"

Cover art.

“Stinky Stands Up for a Stand Up” Available on Amazon Kindle

Stinky and Eddie spend the night in a haunted house to determine whether the great-nephew of an eccentric millionaire is a worthy heir.  Stinky will do almost anything if he’s billable, and throws in a Sinatra imitation for no extra charge. (Volume 5)



"Stinky and the Rogue Guru" cover art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

Trouble ahead.

“Stinky and the Rogue Guru” Available on Amazon Kindle

When Alicia notices Angie’s alarming weight gain, Stinky and Eddie are left to deal with a faux guru.  The skunk in the road foretells real road trouble for Stinky. (Volume 6)




A beautiful baby boy.

Baby Stinky? Note the dazzling blue eyes and unkempt hair.

“A Stinky Baby Boom”

Angie’s baby is a hit with the family, but cousin Kevin and his wife are acting oddly.

Bonus:  Included with “Babies ‘R Stinky,” available on Amazon Kindle.

“Stinky’s Labor Day Labors”

Stuck in their condo over Labor Day weekend, Stinky and Eddie discover they are truly terrible pet sitters.

Included as a bonus story in Just Plain Stinky, Volume 7.

Cover Art, "A Stinky Play" by Waylon Bacon. Design by vikncharlie.

Places, everyone.

“A Stinky Play” Available on Amazon Kindle 

Eddie is furious when he realizes one of the characters in Stinky’s pot boiler play is modeled after him.  If the show goes on, will Stinky be going to opening night alone? (Volume 8)

“‘Tis the Season to be Stinky”

Stinky reacts poorly when cornered by a woman wearing a Christmas sweater and twinkling reindeer antlers at a crowded holiday party.

Bonus story included with “Stinky and the Coq d’Or,” available on Amazon Kindle.

A tall cocktail whose name is in questionable tastes, as are its contents.

It only look harmless

“Tie the Knot, Secure the Handcuffs and Fasten the Chains:  It’s a Stinky Prenup” Available on Amazon Kindle.

"Tie the Knot, Secure the Handcuffs and Fasten the Chains: It's a Stinky Prenup." Cover art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

Cover art

Oft married and oft widowed Prissy Poulet is heading for the altar again and Stinky’s on hand to provide legal support and consume wildly inappropriate cocktails. (Volume 3)

“A Stinky Accusation” Available on Amazon Kindle.

"A Stinky Accusation" cover art. Stinky's mother leaps to the wrong conclusion when her husband buys an orange sweater.

Cover art

After reading a women’s magazine article Alicia suspects that her husband is cheating.  She leans on Eddie to investigate and grudgingly accepts Stinky’s assistance. (Volume 2)

"Eddie the Art Curator" cover art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharle

A curated tale.

“Eddie the Art Curator”  Available on Amazon Kindle.

Stinky thinks Eddie is being set up when the museum asks him to curate a special exhibit. (Volume 5)




Two monkey suits and two skunks.

Two monkey suits and two skunks.

“A Monkey, a Monkey’s Uncle, Two Monkey Suits and Stinky” Available on Amazon Kindle.

Stinky hasn’t seen a cousin on his father’s side since his family moved to Florida years ago.  Cousin Drew is in town with a touring show and wedding dilemma: when his aunt takes charge, the wedding plans spiral out of control faster than Dorothy’s tornado. (Volume 4)



“A Stinky Daughterata”

Stinky and Eddie are unwilling hosts for a member of a female quintet so militant they prefer “daughteratas” to “sonatas.”

Included as a bonus story in Stinky as Ever, Volume 5.

"Stinky Rubs Elbows With a Star," cover art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

Not starry eyed.

“Stinky Rubs Elbows with a Star” Available on Amazon Kindle 

Stinky is an unlikely pastoral counselor when his rector can’t cope with his nephew’s fame — as a porn star! (Volume 7)

"Stinky and ye Swamp Yankee" cover art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

An overworked executor.

“Stinky & ye Swamp Yankee” Available on Amazon Kindle

Too many Little Jack Horners want to pull out a plum or two when an eccentric recluse leaves millions to charity and names Stinky as his executor. (Volume 7)



Cover art, "Stinky and Eddie Go B.A.N.A.N.A.S. by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

Becoming a BANANA has appeal.

“Stinky and Eddie Go B.A.N.A.N.A.S.” Available  on Amazon Kindle

The Buddies Always Near and Never Apart Society was founded by Dr. John Watson in 1895 when he thought Sherlock Holmes was dead.  Today it’s an elite club for literary partners, and when our boys apply for membership they look like shoo-ins.  That is, until Frodo announces that no one is getting in until someone finishes what he and Sam started — it seems that after smoking too much weed Gandalf sent them to the wrong  Crack of Doom.  Oops.  Not knowing what he was doing never stopped Stinky  before, and he drags Eddie into their most disgusting adventure. (Volume 8)

Ancient ring, heavily corroded.

The One Ring is worse for wear after a visit to the Crack of Doom







"Stinky and the Goblet of Grief" cover art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

Old secret; new trouble.

“Stinky and the Goblet of Grief” Available on Amazon Kindle 

Granny’s ancient secrets have a way of becoming Stinky’s problems.  When she pulls a “lost art treasure” out of her trunk in the attic, Stinky and Eddie feel it is their duty to find the rightful owner.

The problem is that she’s had the darn thing for fifty years and wasn’t sure if the rightful owner handed it to her in the first place! (Volume 8)


Cover art, "Stinky and the Tomb Brothers" by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

Quiet as a tomb? Not with the Sons of Horus.

“Stinky and the Tomb Brothers” Available on Amazon Kindle

The Sons of Horus might be immortal gods, but they live in a tomb and don’t get out much.  One of them happens upon a copy of Shimmering for Dummies, think’s it’s Shimmering for Mummies and they decide to shimmer over to Stinky’s story.

The only night of the year when they have a chance at getting lucky is Halloween, and they talk Stinky and Eddie into taking them to a noisy party upstairs.  The brothers look fine from the shoulders down, but it’s hard to explain to a prospective conquest that the cool falcon, jackal or baboon head isn’t a mask. (Volume 8)

Cover art, "Stinky Lays an Easter Egg," artwork by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

What could possibly go wrong?

“Stinky Lays an Easter Egg” Available on Amazon Kindle

Thanks to Uncle Stinky’s coaching, Gradey ruins a Sunday school play.  As punishment, Stinky has to plan an Easter egg hunt with Eddie as the unwilling Bunny. (Volume 7)

"Stinky and the Sorrowful Psalmist" cover art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

Purple prose ahead

“Stinky and the Sorrowful Psalmist” Available on Amazon Kindle

Can Stinky revive the faded home of a maudlin poet?  After a house tour that’s mostly a litany of “who died in this room,” he isn’t sure. (Volume 6)


Cover Art, "Get thee to a Nunnery, Stinky" by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

Getting it wrong is a bad habit

“Get thee to a Nunnery, Stinky!” Available on Amazon Kindle

Ellsworth fears that his wife is planning to join an order of couture nuns, the Sisters of Disparity, to get the employee discount at their gift shop and spa.  He enlists Stinky’s help and hilarity ensues. (Volume 8)

Antique image of spools of thread and a thimble.

A lot of hemming, no hawing at the convent.





Cover Art, "Charles Dickens Complete and Stinky," cover art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

Stale wedding cake with that coffee?

“Charles Dickens Complete and Stinky” Available on Amazon Kindle

It’s an offstage, backstage tale when Stinky’s cousin stars in a musical based on the complete works of Charles Dickens.  Gossip reigns as the show creeps toward its premiere. (Volume 7)


Irish-Arabian Al-Eddie-din sees trouble ahead, while Stinkybad, the Jinn of the Skunk sees a golden dawn.

A golden dawn ahead?

“Eddie’s 1002nd Arabian Night” Available on Amazon Kindle

Where Stinkybad, the Jinni of the Skunk sees a golden dawn ahead, Al-Eddie-Din sees more trouble.  He’s trying to wrangle two genies and when his mother appears, it gets worse for the handsome, Irish-Arabian prince:  Is cunning Stinkybad friend or foe? (Volume 6)

"The Stinky Lecture Series" cover art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

An interspecies Stinky lecture.

“The Stinky Lecture Series” Available on Amazon Kindle

Budget cuts mean that a lecture series is desperate enough to ask Stinky to give a talk.  Pandemonium ensues during an inter-species lecture. (Volume 6)


“It’s Thrilling to the Stinky in Tilling”

Stinky and Eddie advise a deadlocked committee trying to build a war monument in Great Britain.  Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic. Robin, the Boy Wonder has joined the Village People and Eddie fears that the Dynamic Duo is facing a crisis.  It takes the boys’ combined talents to smooth the waves on both sides of the pond.

Included as a bonus story in The Importance of Being Stinky, Volume 8.

"It's Stinky at the Zoo" cover art.

Cover art

“It’s Stinky at the Zoo” Available on Amazon Kindle.

Nephew Gradey is upset that his mother is getting married; Stinky smooths his sister’s path to matrimony. (Volume 3)

“A Real Stinky Bridesmaid”

Stinky agrees to be a “bridesman” for his sister only if he can wear a hideous raspberry satin tie.

Now you know why the cover is raspberry.

Included as a bonus story with “It’s Stinky at the Zoo,” available on Amazon Kindle.

“Stinky and the Great Blizzard”

Food, beds and gratitude are in short supply when a blizzard of relatives invades Stinky & Eddie’s condo during a power outage.

Included as a bonus story in Stinky by Birth or Marriage, Volume 6, available on Amazon Kindle.

"A Stinky Neighbor" cover art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

Not so Stinky cover.

“A Stinky Neighbor” Available on Amazon Kindle.

When Eddie’s mother moves into the Hudson, she sprains her ankle and the boy’s equanimity until Stinky gets her back on her feet. (Volume 3)



Cover art, "In Stinky We Trust." Art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

Heiresses can be trying.

“In Stinky We Trust” Available on Amazon Kindle.

A bewildered young heiress can’t comprehend her new circumstances until wily Stinky prescribes a strong dose of retail therapy. (Volume 7)



"A Stinky Cold" cover art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

“Is my nose red?”

“A Stinky Cold” Available on Amazon Kindle.

A nasty cold forces Stinky to do his monthly client webinar from home. Stinky thinks he did a good job, but judge for yourself. (Volume 3)

"A Stinky Christmas Story" cover art by Waylon Bacon; design by vikncharlie

Merry Christmas ahead?

“A Stinky Christmas Story” Available on Amazon Kindle

Carol’s clever suggestion for hard-to-shop-for Stinky leads Eddie to pursue a rare ornament.  Will Stinky get his best Christmas ever or another lump of coal? (Volume 6)


"Too Many Stinky Relatives" cover art by Waylon Bacon; design by vickncharlie

No room and not bored.

“Too Many Stinky Relatives” Available on Amazon Kindle

No one gets his usual room when there’s an overflow crowd at the family cottage.  When folks use the bathroom and return to the wrong room, there’s ‘splainin to do. (Volume 6)




Stinky wonders whether he should liberate his nephew from a hellish summer camp.

Camp isn’t relaxing for Gradey.

“A Very Stinky Camper” Available on Amazon Kindle.

Uncle Stinky is his nephew’s designated correspondent when Gradey has to spend a month at a primitive summer camp.  Stinky and Eddie decide that their nephew’s summer camp is not the Eden the brochure promised, but how much should they allow for the boy’s active imagination?  He believes that the sausages really are leeches from the campers.  Does your breakfast taste like anyone you know? (Volume 4)

As Gradey’s vocabulary and misadventures increase, the uncles decide to take action.

Poison ivy with its three-part leaves.

Lake Watchyewhereyepee, the Poison Ivy Capital of America







"Condensed Stinky is Still Stinky" cover art.

Can a short story be condensed?

“Condensed Stinky is Still Stinky” Available on Amazon Kindle

Stinky tries to broker peace and the loan of a Civil War era milk evaporator between warring historical societies. (Volume 5)

"A Stinky Office Bromance" cover art by Waylon Bacon, design by vikncharlie

Avoiding office worries

“A Stinky Office Bromance” Available on Amazon Kindle.

A sophomoric Gradey returns to work for Carter Associates as a summer intern.  A more demanding boss makes a difference in Gradey’s life and attitude. (Volume 4)

“Stinky Panties”

Peace will not return to Carter Associates until the mystery of  a pair of missing panties is solved.

Bonus story included with “A Stinky Cold.”  Available on Amazon Kindle.

“Eddie’s Stinky Retirement”

Stinky feels he must energize a listless, recently retired Eddie.  He eventually realizes it’s a physician heal thyself situation.

Bonus story included in Stinky and Eddie: A Fine Bromance, Volume 4.

Stinky looks back at his life and decides it's mostly "thumbs up."

Stinky in his golden years.

“Stinky’s September Song” Available on Amazon Kindle

On his fiftieth anniversary Stinky looks back on his life and decides it’s time to move on.  A new generation is coming and he feels it’s his duty to help them grow up to be as odd as their forebears. (Volume 3)