Stinky's logo in blue cursive script.The photo of “Baby Stinky” is used by permission of his mother.  “Wait,” she said, “What if he grows up to be the second best looking man on the planet?”  We’ll have to wait and see, but he’s a contender.  Photos of Stinky after he was about four are rare.  Most of them show his sister getting in the way or blocking the lens with her chubby little hand.

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Discover books “as nature intended,” including Stinky Stories on iAuthor, an interesting way to find books that interest you. They’re even thoughtful enough notice where you’re from and direct you to the right website, should you wish to make a purchase.

You can also comment on books you like (hint, hint). It’s a fun website all around.

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For information about all published works by Peter Grant, Stinky or otherwise, visit his Amazon author’s page:

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Listen to Peter Grant yak about Stinky on the Rob and Slim Show, a podcast in the style of a morning talk show. The YouTube version shows the infamous Rob and Slim duo, plus ailing intern Peter:

For audio only, click on Episode 64 and look for my segment:

The Vocabuverse is the self-anointed “coolest dictionary ever.” See for yourself.  The definitions are poems and some of the definitions are mine. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to those who puzzle over Stinky’s fondness for obscure words:

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Shelfari is a social media site about books and readers.  All of the Stinky Stories are listed  with short and long synopses, the table of contents, the first sentence, a list of characters and much more.  Readers can include books on their shelves, add reviews and interact with other readers and authors.

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