After 57 titles (“In as many pickles as Heinz”), eight volumes and seventy-seven stories, we’ve come to the end of the Stinky Stories.

Stinky came to me in an instant in October 2012, and I published the first title, “Stinky and the Allegorical Breasts” in late May 2014. The final volume, The Importance of Being Stinky, Vol. 8 is available for pre-order through July 22. Almost three-quarters of a million words are contained in that space.

When the first story debuted, I had written seventy-two stories, an average of about one a week since October 2012. In the fourteen months since, I’ve written only five stories. Publication and all that goes with it is time-consuming.

There are more Stinky and Eddie stories than Holmes and Watson or Jeeves and Wooster stories. That sounds like more than enough.

On the other hand, what if we shed some light on the boys’ retirement years when they traveled all over the place? Don’t you think that Stinky took the time to dispense well-meaning but ridiculous advice to his nephew’s children? Could he even resist?

Now that literary characters can “shimmer” between stories, Stinky has unlimited opportunities to find new sources of trouble. What would happen to Heathcliff if Stinky wandered over to Wuthering Heights and offered cocktails to the ladies? “Why don’t you try an Alien Urine, Catherine? It only sounds naughty.” Would he barge into the Council of Elrond, send Gandalf to rehab for his weed habit, deliver the One Ring to the right Crack of Doom, and find a therapist for Frodo? Admit you’re curious, but do we really want to know?

The scales are evenly balanced. On one side there are more than enough Stinky Stories. On the other side, there is more to tell about this handsome character who is blessed with nerve, industry, and not an ounce of self-awareness.  Stay tuned.

Stinky scratches his head, planning his next move. His famous skunk cufflink is visible. Original artwork by Waylon Bacon.

Stinky Cover Artwork by Waylon Bacon.
Used by permission