Stinky and Eddie: A Fine Bromance cover art

Cover art

Stinky and Eddie: A Fine Bromance, Vol. 4, an Amazon Bestseller

The last story in Volume 3 is less uplifting than any of Stinky’s undies, so Volume 4 starts off with a frisky, zany pair of stories.  Stinky’s life is odd, but his dreams take him to far-away lands as we see in “Dreamy Stinky is a Witch’s Nightmare.”

Eddie has a starring role in two of the tales.  In the first, he and his partner try to get to bottom of a gang of pansy snatchers in “Eddie and the Ethnogenic Undercover Cop.”  After solving that bizarre caper, the crankiest taxpayer has to agree they’ve earned their pensions.

While Volume 4 has its share of outrageous guest stars, it always comes back to family.  A long-lost cousin returns to town with half-baked wedding plans and once his aunt goes into full wedding planning mode he has moments when he wishes he’d eloped in a city without relatives.  “A Monkey, A Monkey’s Uncle, Two Monkey Suits and Stinky” shows a family at its best and worst.

Nephew Gradey is an unhappy camper in “A Very Stinky Camper” and an unmotivated summer intern in “A Stinky Office Bromance.”  Gradey has his ups and downs but his peerless uncles never let him stray too far from the path — especially when poison ivy is everywhere.

The last story brings Eddie back into the spotlight.  He’s retired, bored and listless.  Stinky feels responsible until he realizes it’s a “physician heal thyself” situation.  Stinky is never one to do anything by halves, when one-and-a-half is in reach.

Heart, hilarity and more than a little naughtiness are in store in Volume 4.  All Volume 4 stories and Volume 4 itself are  Amazon bestsellers!  Stinky and Eddie:  A Fine Bromance is available on Amazon Kindle.


"Dreamy Stinky is a Witch's Nightmare" cover art.

Stinky dreaming on the beach

“Dreamy Stinky is a Witch’s Nightmare”

Stinky tells Eddie his vivid dream.  Stinky and his sister were Hansel and Gretel, two of the most demanding brats ever captured by an unsuspecting hag.  Gretel /Angie talks the witch out of her credit card and the siblings plan a makeover along the scale of the Marshall Plan.

It’s the only version of Hansel and Gretel where the reader feels sorry for the witch.  Read on.

Special bonus story: “It’s Stinky When a Rose Gives Itself Hay Fever”

Carter Associates believes in customer service. Client and researcher Lionel Dinsmore tells Stinky of his efforts to combine human and plant DNA.  When Dinsmore infuses a rose with nasal DNA, the flower smells itself -– don’t bother to stop and smell the roses, they’re already on it

Some Stinky Stories have a bit of substance, a moment of sincerity or a window of insight into one of the main characters.  Not these.  They’re non-stop hilarity with quirky guest stars and if that isn’t enough, Stinky wears lederhosen.  That’s worth ninety-nine cents right there.

Cover art, "Eddie and the Ethnogeneric Undercover Cop."

Stinky ponders a “spring without pansies.”

“Eddie and the Ethnogeneric Undercover Cop”

Lucky for Eddie his partner, not he, is charged with going undercover and posing as a gay Puerto Rican hairdresser.  A mysterious gang is targeting greenhouses and the garden clubs can’t face “a spring without pansies.”

Eddie’s ethnogeneric partner is sucked deeper into the world of pansy pinchers when his undercover character has to go deeper undercover as a transvestite.  The spirit is willing but the ankles are weak, and he has less than a week to learn to walk in heels.  Will pansies bloom in the spring?  Petunias won’t do.  Read on.

Stinky takes a break from his mother's wedding planning.

Two monkey suits and two skunks.

“A Monkey, a Monkey’s Uncle, Two Monkey Suits and Stinky”

Stinky’s long-lost cousin comes to town with a touring musical and announces he’s planning to elope.  He’s an adult, he can do what he pleases, but he’s going to get married in the City Clerk’s office only after he pries his aunt’s cold, stiff fingers off the doorknob and steps over her lifeless body.

The budget quickly spirals out of control and Stinky and Eddie join forces to give the proposed newlyweds a wedding that no one will ever forget.

Stinky wonders whether he should liberate his nephew from a hellish summer camp.

Camp isn’t relaxing for Gradey.

“A Very Stinky Camper”

Stinky’s sister and her husband want to take a second honeymoon, but need a place to stash their child.  Uncle Stinky agrees to be his nephew’s mandatory correspondent while Gradey is at a camp in a remote part of Maine.  As the days go by Gradey’s letters become more and more upsetting until Stinky intervenes.  At a minimum, he has to tell Gradey whether the beak he found in his salad came from a chicken, buzzard or other creature.

"A Stinky Office Bromance" cover art by Waylon Bacon, design by vikncharlie

Avoiding office worries

“A Stinky Office Bromance”

It doesn’t get easier for Stinky as the years go by at Carter Associates.  As the firm nears its twenty-fifth anniversary, Stinky faces the twin perils of Angela’s upcoming retirement and another summer with his slacker nephew as an intern.  He thinks the lad will do better if he has a supervisor with a firm hand, but he becomes concerned when it looks like things are working out too well.  Even Stinky never got that excited over a spreadsheet.