Amazon recently added a new feature for Kindle authors.  Kindle Direct Publishing titles (KDP) are now eligible for pre-order, just like physical books.

It took a while for the Stinky Stories to work their way through the pipeline, but from now on upcoming stories will be available for pre-order a few weeks before publication.  Order now and it will magically pop into your Kindle or other reader on the publication date.

It might be a little confusing, because a pre-order title looks the same as a published one.  The clue is that the “order with one click” button says “pre-order with one click.”  Also, you can’t peek inside until it’s published.

The four Stinky titles currently in pre-order mode include the last two in Volume 3 and the first two in Volume 4.  Volume 3 ends on a bit of a downer — it’s the last Stinky Story chronologically.  Stinky is seventy-six in that story, but is a young man of twenty-nine as Vol. 4 begins.  Each of the volumes is chronological, but the volumes are not sequential.  It mixes things up better that way.  If you’re a little stunned as Volume 3 ends, you can see things bounce right back as Volume 4 takes Stinky into a fairy tale odder than anything the Brothers Grimm ever collected.

Amazon also introduced “kindleunlimited” recently.  This interesting program allows readers to download unlimited KDP titles for a subscription price of $9.99 a month.  With over six hundred thousand titles available, it’s a banquet for avid readers, and authors even get a royalty as soon as the reader pages through ten percent of the book.

However you get to Stinky, thank you for your support around the world.  We need more happy endings and he finds a way to one every week.