“Stinky’s September Song”is the last Stinky Story chronologically, but more than half of the stories are yet to be published.  What gives?

Like those old jigsaw puzzles with missing pieces, even when all of the Stinky Stories are published they won’t include every scene from Stinky’s long life.  This story is like the picture on the jigsaw puzzle box that helps you figure out what it would look like if it were all there.

In order for every one of the Stinky Stories to have a place in the picture on the box cover I needed to know the ending.  Did they ever move?  Did they retire?  Did they live happily ever after?  If the author doesn’t know how the story ends, he’ll never get to it and this story sets the boundaries.  I know how you feel about the end of Lost because I feel the same way.  Stinky Stories know where they’re going and deliver on the promise of a happy ending every time.

Volume 3 of the collected Stinky Stories begins with three short and trashy tales from Stinky’s libertine youth.  We hear rumors about his past from time to time, and these shed light on how these rumors got started.  “Stinky’s September Song” is the best story to end Volume 3 since the volume covers the longest span of time of any of the eight volumes.  In Volume 3 we first meet Gradey as a sonogram and by the end he’s an expectant grandfather.  There are some outrageous characters in Volume 3, but as with everything in Stinky’s life it all comes back to his family.

The story ends on a hopeful note, but it’s not a funny farce like many of the others.  It’s the last story, but I didn’t want the series to end with it.

All of the Stinky volumes are chronological, but not sequential.  He will never be as young as he is in the first three stories of Volume 3 (which will not be separately published) and he will never be as old as he is in “Stinky’s September Song” in any of the other volumes.  Eddie will not be dead in any other story.  He returns as a lad in his early thirties in Volume 4.  The volume begins with Eddie facing an evil witch who has lured Stinky and Angie into her gingerbread house.  Stinky’s dreaming, but like most dreamers he doesn’t know that.  We all know that, awake or asleep, Eddie is the man of Stinky’s dreams.

Don’t be sad for Eddie.  He had a perfect life and died with a full stomach.

You can feel sorry for the witch.  Poor thing goes vegan after less than a day with the Carter brats.